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We have our wholesale zone now!

The lower price for buying 20 and more quantity. 

More item, quantity and less price, please contact

echo@uniaccessories.io; napo@uniaccessories.io , 

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Please do inform us what you plan to buy them for. It will let us better understand each other and go for the long-term cooperation and collaboration. 

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About us

We are a young and passionate team. Based in Shenzhen, China. 

Our goal is to design, build, manufacture, sell, and provide great customer services for our customers in the USB-C market space.  

Now we have:

1. Accumulatively 144K+  customers using our products

2. 68+  countries are covered

3. Companies bought our product: The US Air Force, government departments, high-tech companies, famous schools, etc. 

4. We are also present in vending machines


Take professional photos of uni products?

Become a local/regional reseller of uni products?

Let us know how we could be better?

Part-time with our company to help us with our media reach, social impact?

Or anything you think we could possibly work on?

We would love to hear your personal thoughts/ideas. 

To do so, please email us at echo@uniaccessories.io.