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uni Spring Festival shipping inform and sharing of Spring Festival traditions

February 03, 2021 1 min read

On Feb.12, 2021, we will usher in our lunar new year and will celebrate the Spring Festival, which is the biggest national festival in our country. During the Spring Festival, we will have a national vacation.

  • Feb. 5 -17, orders from the US and most European countries (UK, DE, IT, PL, DK, etc.) may delay 1- 2 days to process shipments. 
  • Orders from the rest countries will be held up, and ship out immediately on Feb 17.

Ok, announcement work is down, let's talk about the Spring Festival!



The Spring Festival has last more than 4000 years in China. People have left many different traditions about the Spring Festival due to the cultural differences between regions, but there also have many common traditions.


  • In our common tradition, many people will go back to the town they born, where parents and their families lived, to celebrate the spring festival together. But this year 2021 is a special year, the coronavirus disease has stopped many people from travel back to their families, most people can only stay in their work-city.


But thanks to great technology, people are able to celebrate the lunar new year with their families through the internet. In this way, we feel again that Technology has changed life again!


  • People will go shopping during Spring Festival is another custom. We will buy goods to decorate our house, buy foods, snacks, and fruits to welcome friends and families to visit. oh yes, here is another custom, visit your friends and families, cheers to the new year!


So we left the 12% off code SPFS2021 to you, you can take an experience to go Spring Festival shopping with us!


Happy lunar new year, cheers!


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