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USB C to VGA Adapter - Gray
USB C to VGA Adapter - GrayUSB C to VGA Adapter - GrayUSB C to VGA Adapter - GrayUSB C to VGA Adapter - GrayUSB C to VGA Adapter - Gray


uni VGA to USB C Adapter provides you a seamless connection between your USB-C–compatible device and a projector, TV, or monitor with a VGA connector.

This adapter lets you easily add a new computer or device with USB-C ports to your home office without replacing existing hardware.

*VGA only supports video.

For both video & sound, please consider HDMI Adapter from us.

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Unique Design

Projector Adapter
VGA to USB-C Adapter, compatible for VGA projectors and displays.

The right adapter for your presentations, conferences, workshops, training, lectures, slide warriors, and road warriors.

It comes with a complimentary small carrying pouch for travel and protection.

Always well-prepared, even for legacy VGA projectors and displays.

Plug & Play
Plug-and-play, no additional driver/software required.
A perfect solution for your USB-C laptops to connect with VGA projectors or displays.

Resolutions up to 1080p (Full HD, with 60Hz).

*VGA to VGA cable is required.

Thoughtfully Designed
Compact and lightweight, with a user-friendly non-slip design for easier plug and unplug.

Braided nylon cable for extra durability. Premium aluminum casing for better heat insulation.

Fits snugly with the USB-C ports on your devices, better signal transfer protection.


Laptops & Tablets: (Incomplete)

MacBook Pro  2020/2019/2018/2017/2016, 

MacBook Air  2020/2019/2018,

iMac Pro, 

Mac Pro,

iMac models from 2017, 

Mac mini  2020/2018, 

MacBook  2017 / 2016 / 2015, 

iPad Pro 11''/12.9''  2020 / 2018, 

Ipad Air10.9’’  2020

Dell XPS 15 /13,

Latitude 15 5580, 

Dell Precision 15 (5510)

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Surface Go, 

ChromeBook Pixel, 

Lenovo Yoga  910/ 720 / 900 13", 

HP Spectre X360, 

and more


Samsung  S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra/ S10 / S9 / S8 / Note 10 / Note 9 / Note 8

Huawei  P40 / P30 / P20 / Mate 10 / Mate 30 / Mate 20

and more


Apple MacOS X 10.6 or later; Google Chrome OS or Windows 10.

Tech Specs


USB-C --> VGA Adapter


up to 1080p (Full HD, with 60Hz), downward compatible with 1080i, 720p, 576p,480i/480p.




Lifetime Warranty

* Note:    

CANNOT charge.

ONLY work with video-enabled USB-C devices.

Welcome to find us with any product-related questions.

How to Use

1.Connect a VGA to VGA cable (not included) to VGA port on your monitor.
2.Connect the other end of the cable to VGA port on this Adapter.
3.Connect this Adapterthe USB-C to a USB Type-C port on your computer.

Any question please contact us


Does This Device Have to Install Software Before Used?

NO. It is plug and play. No software required. Reached out for our support teamwhen you are not reaching gigabit speeds.

Do I Need a VGA to VGA Cable to Work with This Adapter?

Yes, a VGA to VGA Cable is NEEDED.

Does this work Mac book pro 2017 that has thunderbolt 3?

SURE! This adapter works fine with the MBP 2017 that has Thunderbolt 3. Also perfectly fine with MacBook Air (Late 2018 and newer); iMac (Mid 2017 and newer), iMac Pro; Mac Mini (Late 2018 and newer) and more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 327 reviews
Very well made, holds up in a computer bag, works great.

Like most of my reviews, I'm not going to rehash the details that other reviews have already mentioned. I'm just going to jump into What's Good and What's not so good. Let's go.

What's Good:
+ Extremely well built with metal casing, braided cable and good materials
+ Durability has been great, I keep this in my projector kit that takes a beating while traveling in my backpack to countless business meetings and client meetings. The metal case and bendable braided cable are worth their cost for knowing it'll work even after being abused in my pack.
+ My work laptop and portable projector work perfectly with this, every time.
+ I'm currently using this on a ChromeBox at home driving an older Samsung monitor with VGA. This setup has worked perfectly as well.
+ No heat built up in the adapter even with prolonged use, not sure if that's an issue with VGA - but I've had HDMI adapters heat up with extended use.
+ Compact and easily portable
+ The cloth carry bag helps keep the adapter from getting scuffed up in my computer bag.
+ Tested and worked well with a Windows PC, Windows Laptop, Chromebook, and ChromeBox - with a portable projector, LG & Samsung Monitors and a massive wall mounted signage display. All good, all worked.

What's not do good:
- Very little!
- I had an interesting time when using this with my home Win10 box and an LG monitor. When I plugged the monitor into my Win10 box directly, windows correctly listed the supported resolutions from my monitor. When I plugged that same monitor into this machine using this VGA adapter (to run dual monitors), it listed not only the supported resolutions but unsupported resolutions also. I tried selecting some of them and the monitor became unreadable; flickering, a sync error, etc. When I selected the supported resolutions by the monitor, it worked perfectly. I'm not sure why the additional resolution options were presented, is it this adapter? or a windows driver thing? I have no idea, so I mention it here. Note however, it does work perfectly when I select the supported resolutions so it's a minor issue at best.
- I wish the cable was either longer, or removable (so I could connect a longer one if needed). Again, this is minor.

So, no real issues, very well made... what's not to like? Well, nothing really. I'm very happy with this adapter. I've had good luck with UNI accessories (I've had one UNI product fail, maybe a lemon, but others have been excellent). I'd definitely recommend this adapter, most are plastic and cheaply made, look cheap and are. This is well made, looks good and respectable when I use it at business meetings and has held up just being thrown in my computer bag without any protection besides its cloth bag. Highly recommended.

Adaptateur idéal

Le meilleur adaptateur qui soit au plus bas prix possible!

KISS - 'nuff said

You know what they say, keep it simple, stupid. Nothing fancy here. Build quality was fine, did not feel to thin and cheap like some other models I have used. Plugged in to a DP enabled USB-C port (not a TB3 enabled port, just DP alt mode on USB-C), and VGA monitor. No drivers needed, worked right away. No artifacting in the display, and exactly as needed. Will buy again is I need another.

As expected

Good quality. Love the fact that it is a minimalist design.

Awesome adapter!!! Works as intended!

Great product!!! Just what I needed to connect my laptop to my old monitor. My laptop is a hp envy 13 and thr monitor is a LG Flatron e2040. Even though my monitor is pretty old, there was no compatibility issues. My only problem with it is that the adapter gets pretty hot which worried me. Other than that it is an excellent adapter with good build quality.