Random Thoughts on this Special Date

        Hey guys, Happy Friday!! Today is special because it’s the Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese festival to honor the memory of the greatest Patriotic Poet, Qu Yuan; and also the 1st day of the National College Entrance Examination, an academic examination held annually in China. There are tons of related articles about this festival and the exam, so today we gonna just share a little thoughts here.

        It’s interesting to think about the connection between Qu Yuan and high school seniors. Demonstrated patriotism and contributed to classical poetry and verses, Qu Yuan truly understood himself and fulfilled his meaning till the end of his life. On the other hand, the seniors, who are taking the exam now, are about to start this new journey. Qu Yuan showed us the importance of understanding ourselves, and the seniors reminded us of the beginning of our self-awareness.

        Reflect back to uni, we are on the way to seek ourselves and the true meaning, and we started by self-awareness. As of team members of uni, we often ask ourselves: who uni is, what’s uni’s meaning, and what uni is doing now. Sometimes, we get confused, and even struggle when getting to know more about ourselves. Yet, we embrace and motivate ourselves.


        In the past few weeks, we were so concentrated on preparing for launching the 8-in-1 hubs and 6-in-1 hubs on Amazon. The process was a little bit different than before, and yes, new challenges and struggles are not easy. We challenged ourselves back when we designed these two hubs, and we put thoughts on the design and strict quality standard like always.

        Now these products are under manufacturing, and we keep asking: How can we do this better? How can our products and services contribute to our customers and the USB-C industry? How can we better express our core value and maybe help young and passionate dreamers like us?.... We are looking for the answers throughout the process, and will carry the doubts into the future.


uni 6-in-1 Hub

        The world is changing so fast nowadays, and self-awareness is painful, but understanding ourselves will help us to see the power of inner world. Just like Qu Yuan, who was betrayed by his colleagues but stayed loyal to his country till the last minute of his life. His name lasts forever in Chinese or even World’s history, and his stories are told every year.

        We know that you may not celebrate this Chinese festival in your countries, but you can make today special! Just take a minute and try to ask yourself: who you truly are, and believe me you will be surprised.

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